Therapy Dog Training


A therapy dog is a very special kind of dog. Therapy dogs are fully trained in obedience and manners and they provide affection, comfort and love through either Personal, Assisted, or Visiting support.

Do therapy dogs need specialized training?

  • Therapy Dogs do not have specialized training. Successful obedience and advanced training is required.

What is therapy dog training?

  • A therapy dog is a companion dog no matter the certified designation. Professional obedience/manners training and advanced training would be the type of training suitable for a therapy dog.

How do I train my dog to be a therapy dog?

  • Find a local professional trainer with an excellent reputation, extensive background in training and understanding of dog behaviors. Enroll in group obedience and group advanced training sessions for a most successful outcome. We have listed recommended trainers across Canada below.

Can my dog become a therapy dog if my dog is owner-trained?

  • Yes, if your dog has a suitable temperament and is well trained, then absolutely. Once you pass the First Temperament Assessment and register for the second and certification part of the program, you will be given access to TLC’s Companion Paws Skills Training online course, with 23 videos of Skills Training to help you master your skills and your dog’s training prior to the 2nd Temperament Assessment and Final Evaluation.

Please click here for a list of cities where testing is performed.

If you require training before moving forward in our Certify Your Own Dog Program, we can recommend the trainers in the areas below. Please do not contact any of the listed trainers about scheduling testing for Companion Paws assessments. Please refer all questions about testing and process for Companion Paws programs to


British Columbia



Nova Scotia


Prince Edward Island



  • Whitehorse Spirit Dog Services 867-334-2916

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