Rehomed Dogs Becoming Therapy Dogs for Canadians


How to know when it is the right time? and 

How to emotionally get through the process? 

Discussing the impact of rehoming and the rescue population

What to do and where to go.

Helping Canadians with their mental wellbeing


Rehoming Dogs as Companion Paws Therapy Dogs

We understand how difficult it is when a situation arises that causes you to no longer be able to keep your beloved sweet pet and require rehoming your dog. Although Companion Paws Canada is not a rescue organization, however we will adopt great matches for our clients and will rehome dogs that are suitable, into our Companion Paws Therapy Dog Adoption Program for Personal therapy (emotional support) and Assisted therapy.

Companion Paws minimum standard guidelines for suitability to adopt into our program are as follows;

  •       Age range of 1.5 to 5 year’s old
  •       Good with dogs, kids and adults (cats when applicant has a cat(s)
  •       Calm temperament
  •       Low/medium energy level
  •       Gentle, very friendly and loving
  •       Confident (not timid or fearful or separation anxiety)
  •       Healthy
  •       All vaccinations up to date
  •       Spayed/Neutered
  •       15-50 pounds
  •       No aggression or reactivity or resource guarding
  •       Not a jumper
  •       Not a mouther or chewer
  •       Quiet (not a barker)

To further discuss rehoming your dog, please complete the form at the following link  Upon first review, if the dog is deemed to be potentially suitable for rehoming, we will schedule a professional temperament assessment with a qualified Companion Paws trainer/assessor to meet you for the assessment to ascertain suitability. If your dog is assessed to be suitable for one of our clients, we will move forward with the adoption and placement of your sweetheart.