Difference Between a Therapy Dog and Service Dog

Companion Paws dogs are not Service or Guide Dogs. CPC dogs are designated Therapy dogs. Therapy pets are different from Service dogs and Guide dogs. Therapy dogs DO NOT share the same public access rights granted to service pets and may be denied admittance to public places. Companion Paws Canada pets do not have special privileges beyond those granted to any other pet in public places, on public transportation or in private buildings such as apartment blocks where the keeping of pets is restricted or prohibited.

We do not train or work with Service Dogs. Service dogs and Therapy dogs are two forms of highly trained dogs that work to improve the lives of people. Although both types of these dogs have an amazing impact on the lives of their humans their roles are very different. A service dog is an assistance or guide dog that has been specially trained to help someone who has a disability. Service dogs work only with one owner/handler. They are trained in unusual dog behaviors for the person’s specific needs.