Important*** Prior to completing the below First Temperament Assessment form with your payment, please thoroughly read the three paragraphs below and TLC’s Certify Your Own Dog Program page.

Once you submit the First Temperament Assessment Form below, you will be directed to the payment page to complete your request. Payment is $55 and can be made by credit card, e-transfer and Paypal. E-transfer details are on the payment page where you will be direted after clicking submit. If a local Assessor is not available in your area and you are not able to get to your closest Assessor, we will refund you 100%.  We cannot complete your registration to schedule your temperament assessment if the minimum age requirement of 1.5 years old isn’t met or payment has not been made. Cancellations within 72 hours of your scheduled assessment will require a charge of $45 to reschedule.

If you have thoroughly read through TLC’s Certify Your Own Dog Program page and feel that this is the right program for you, and your dog is within our guidelines, please complete the form below and payment to register for TLC’s Companion Paws First Step Temperament Assessment.  We will do our best to match you with an Assessor in your local area to schedule the First Temperament Assessment. Final Evaluation date locations are fixed. If you live very far from a final evaluation location, please let us know to see your available options. We require finishing of the Certify Your Own Dog Program process within 4 months time from the First Temperament Assessment.

First Temperament Assessment Form
Please check what type of Therapy Dog Designation(s) you are registering for. - Personal Therapy Dog (For Individuals with their own dog who would benefit from a Therapy Dog and is working with a current mental health professional) - Assisted Therapy Dog (For Teachers, Educators, Therapists and Doctors who use their own Therapy dog for their students, clients or patients) - Visiting Therapy Dog (For Individuals with their own dog for visiting facilities, schools, care centres etc...)
Therapy Dogs are trained and tested in therapy companion obedience. Interaction with a Therapy Pet provides therapeutic, motivational, educational and recreational benefits to enhance quality of life. Therapy pets DO NOT share the public access rights granted to service pets and may be denied admittance to public places. Companion Paws Canada pets do not have special privileges beyond those granted to any other pet in public places, on public transportation or in private buildings such as apartment blocks where the keeping of pets is restricted or prohibited.

Clicking ‘Submit’ will direct you to our payment page to complete your registration. A PayPal account is not required. All major credit cards accepted.